7 Quick Ways You Can Improve Your LinkedIn Profile!

What can be seen on your LinkedIn profile matters; it’s your opportunity to be heard, giving a feel for who you are.

….and it’s just as important whether you are a Job Seeker or a Recruiter because people will be searching for you. It’s to your benefit to be easy to find.


Here are 7 quick ways that you can ensure that your profile is 100% complete and shows you at your best.

1. Use Wordle to make your profile key word rich. 

Carole Seawart’s great post will show you exactly why and how to do it. You’ll be able to create a graphic, like mine below, and use it to ensure that your wording is SEO rich. That way you’ll be seen at the top of search results, exactly what you need to do to be found.






2. Update your profile picture

You know the proverb, a picture is worth a thousand words. If you don’t think your picture matters, think about your Facebook feed, have you noticed the increase in shared photos? Heard about the rise of Pinterest & Instagram?

Your profile pic matters, so ensure it says great things about you. Read our earlier post on the topic.


3. Tailor your links

You can add 3 website links to your profile, use them to point to sites that offer more information on who you are and what you’re about.

Don’t feel you need to use the standard terms either. In Edit Profile, under Additional Information, use the drop-down menu to select Other and call it what you fancy, keeping it professional, of course!



4. Make use of your Headline.

Your headline does not need to be your latest job title. You can use it to grab attention for two reasons.

1. This is how profiles show in a people search. You’ll see Frank immediately offers extra insight with “an expert on online and traditional recruitment strategy”

For perfection, he simply needs to add a Profile pic 😉

Jane has a great profile pic but could offer more insight by expanding on Client Relationship Manager.





2. With a detailed headline, when others see that you’ve looked at their profile, you will have given them more of a feel for who you are and they will be more open when you attempt to start a conversation.





5. Get Recommended

What better way to show off your skills than to have them endorsed. Look to provide a 360 degree view by asking for recommendations from bosses, colleagues and those you manage or mentor.


6. Add some applications to offer insight

You could incorporate your blog, with WordPress or Bloglink, perhaps add SlideShare, Box.net, Git Hub, Portfolio Display or Projects and Teamspaces to showcase your work and let people know your interests by the Events you attend. What about using Polls to ask some questions?


7. Use your status to stand out.

By sharing industry insights or helpful advice you will create interest in the news feed of your connections.

If they like your post, you’ll also be seen in their connections news feed and so on.


Update your status frequently and you’ll be remembered!


If you have any questions on how to make these changes, do not hesitate to get in touch or add a comment below.

Happy networking!


Today’s post is written by Katrina Collier of Winning Impression. As guest blogger she’ll post tips on social media, recruitment and job search which she has learned over her many years in the industry.

Her passion is combining her social media and recruitment expertise. She offers live online training for companies to hire the best talent and for jobseekers to get a job opportunity by using social media networks.





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